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Individuals with burn injuries and families of those that have suffered from significant burns know all too well the lengthy process that recovery can take. Burns are serious injuries that can have life-altering complications and leave the victims with costly medical bills, lost wages, and insurance headaches. If you or a loved one were seriously burned, you could be able to seek compensation for financial duress, emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

At the office of Luke Bickham, P.C., our Dallas burn injury lawyer will work with you to represent you throughout your case in court or in front of insurance companies. We fight to obtain the compensation that you deserve. After an accident, call our office at (469) 256-6433 and schedule a case evaluation.

Different Types of Burns

Burns can occur on any part of the body and vary in degrees. There are generally three types of burns, including

  • First-degree burns are considered superficial burns. These generally do not leave blisters or scarring but can be uncomfortable. Sunburns are typically first-degree.
  • Second-degree burns go deeper than the outer epidermis of the skin and often cause blistering or painful welts. Scalding water or coming into contact with a hot pot can cause a second-degree burn.
  • Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burn and ones that penetrate the skin. In some cases, third-degree burns can reach underlying muscle, tendon, and bone. Fire, acid, and extremely hot objects can cause third-degree burns.

Depending on the type of burn, the injury may be classified as a minor, moderate, or major. Minor first-degree burns can be treated rather quickly, while major third-degree burns may require extreme medical intervention and specialized burn treatment centers to recover.

Were You Involved in a Burn Accident?

Victims of burns and family members of burn victims are encouraged to take action to ensure that their rights are protected as victims and that they are able to receive the compensation that they deserve from negligent parties. If you know that your burn accident was a direct result of another person’s wrongdoing, illegal behavior, or recklessness, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

To learn more about what may be available to you, call our Dallas burn injury lawyer from Luke Bickham, P.C. and schedule a case evaluation. We can be reached at (469) 256-6433.

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